Desperate Programming Team Changes ‘Adele’ Lyrics To ‘Rolling In God’s Word’

TULSA- Strung out on Cool Ranch Doritos and desperate to incorporate an ‘Adele’ song into a service, a local programming team has decided to “shift around” some lyrics to “make it work”. Members of the team say they know the move is controversial, but all agree that they can’t keep using that one Carrie Underwood song for everything. The group cited a short deadline and a series called ‘Deuteronomy: The Names of the People in the Bible’ for the drastic measures, but are hopeful because “Adele is awesome”.  “We just changed a few words really”, said Sue Smith, director of the programming team. “It’s now a message of hope…we can have it all if we roll in God’s word”. Members of the team are confident Adele wouldn’t take offense, noting that she wears a cross around her neck at “almost all of her concerts”.

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