Minister Spices Up Announcements With Joke About Parking Lot Traffic

LITTLE ROCK- Sensing an ever decreasing interest in announcements, Pastor Joe Kennedy decided to “shake things up” on Sunday with a witty remark about the church’s traffic problems. “Everyone thought it was hilarious”, said Kennedy, who hadn’t even planned the joke beforehand. “It just kind of happened, really…something moved inside of me, maybe the Holy Spirit”. After stepping on stage and looking out on the crowd, Kennedy noticed that he couldn’t see anyone’s eyes. “Everybody was looking down” he explained, suspecting that they were “all looking at the Facebook”. Kennedy noted that immediately after the joke, he could see “almost everyone’s eyes”. Kennedy is slated to do announcements again in 2 weeks, but thinks it may be too soon to use it again. Using words he’s heard athletes use on TV, Kennedy explained, “we’re not worried about 2 weeks from now, we’re just going to enjoy this for a while”. It wasn’t clear who else Kennedy was referring to.

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One Comment on “Minister Spices Up Announcements With Joke About Parking Lot Traffic”

  1. Thomas Benefield
    May 28, 2012 at 10:18 am #

    This doesn’t really make any sense. Maybe it’s an inside joke, or something. I’m not getting the connection between parking lot traffic and facebook viewing.

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