5 Reasons You Should Watch History

Here at TTAF, we certainly don’t condone filling your schedule with television. We’d prefer you get outside and explore or stimulate your mind with a good book. But if you are going to enjoy an evening TV, you shouldn’t pass up History (formerly known, as the History Channel).  While their documentaries of WWII were always intriguing, The History channel has revamped its image, and line-up, quite a bit in the past few years. And while some disparage the new lineup and argue that the new shows don’t belong on the history channel, I disagree. Granted, the channel’s no longer completely filled with long documentaries, and the things you learn might not be the most useful pieces of information, but I can’t tell you how much Ihavelearned from watching a couple episodes of Pawn Stars. What I think is great about the new line-up is that a lot of these shows—especially Pawn Stars and American Pickers—present history through the exploration of everyday items. Maybe somebody brings in a war bond from the Revolutionary War, or the American Pickers group finds a vintage jukebox that leads into a discussion of a great American age. That’s history I find intriguing, and you might, too. So without further ado, five reasons you should watch History:

1: Pawn Stars: Whenever I watch Pawn Stars, I’m always amazed at the variety of stuff people have just laying around their houses. Seriously, when I look around my house for things I could sell, I see a guitar and some books. Just this morning, though, a guy brought in oversize replica machine guns that the military uses to train field stripping, the keys to a Russian nuclear warhead launch sequence, a mortar that shoots bowling balls, and a signed letter from Franklin D Roosevelt.

2: Swamp People: maybe this one doesn’t belong on History, but watching Swamp People hunt alligators is just dang entertaining. I still don’t know why they think the show needs subtitles, though.

3: American Pickers: Mike and Frank own a second-hand store; an antique shop if you will. How do they stock their store? By traveling the country and scouring through peoples old sheds, garages, and basements. Just like in Pawn Stars, it’s absolutely amazing to me to see what they find (like old dinosaur bones . . . just sitting in some guys shed). And when they offer to buy things, some of the stories that go along with each item are just as cool.

4: Hatfields & McCoys: A three-part miniseries premiering tonight at 9:00 ET. It chronicles the feud between two families at the end of the Civil War, and stars Kevin Costner and Bill Paxton. Not too much more needs to be said about that.

5: Real Housewives of : Not found on History.

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