Things You May Not Know About Jurassic Park

When you watch Jurassic Park as much as I do, you start to notice some interesting facts.  When you have a computer and the internet you can read even more facts on IMDB.  Some people would call some of these facts “mistakes” or “errors,” but we here at TTAF believe that the movie Jurassic Park is infallible.  If you think there are mistakes in the movie you are wrong.  There are only purposeful misdirections that the producers put in the movie in order to make you think more deeply about Isla Nublar and all of her mystery.   And now to the facts.

At least two of the actors in Jurassic Park were in Seinfeld.  As Drew pointed out, Wayne Knight aka Newman in Seinfeld and Nedry in Jurassic Park made the seamless transition from JP villain to Seinfeld villain.  The other actor that you may not know of is Miguel Sandoval who plays both the guy in the amber mine in JP and Marcelino in Seinfeld.  You may remember Marcelino as the proprietor of the bodega where Jerry bounces a check.  Through a twisting and turning plot Marcelino ends up running a cockfighting ring in which Little Jerry Seinfeld gets involved.  Don’t get involved with owing money to amber mine workers.

The T-Rex enters the visitor center at the end of the movie because all buildings in Jurassic Park have a giant, T-Rex sized door.  Everyone knows that.

Dr. Satler (Laura Dern) dated Nicholas Cage, Billy Bob Thorton, and Jeff Goldblum (did someone say daddy issues?).  She later married and may or not be in the process of divorcing Ben Harper.  Rumors are that a certain Panama hat wearing paleontologist may have come between her and Harper.  This may have prompted Harper to take the line “I can build a park full of cloned dinosaurs that will escape and eat people, with my own to hands” out of the original version of his hit song.

Tim Burton was a first choice to make the film.  This version would have most likely included Johnny Depp as Dr. Grant and Bellatrix Lestrange (Helena Bonham Carter) as the T-Rex.

John Hammond (Richard Attenborough) once beat out Steven Spielberg’s movie E.T. for best director with his own film Gandhi.  Also, Richard’s brother is David Attenborough, a famous naturalist and the guy who narrated the BBC version of Planet Earth.  He is the velociraptor of narrating Planet Earth to Sigourney Weaver’s cow that is lowered into the velociraptor pen.

Steven Spielberg asked Ariana Richards (Lex) to audition for the movie.  When she arrived she was asked only to scream wildly.  It probably looked something like this other famous audition.

When the movie was released people in San Jose, Cost Rica were angered because the film depicts the city as on the ocean.  In fact San Jose is landlocked and there are no major lakes.  What the people viewing the film did not know was that at that very moment a butterfly flapped its wings somewhere in Asia causing a tsunami that both briefly made San Jose a coastal town and also proved Ian Malcolm’s Chaos theory to be true.

From IMDB- Years after this film wrapped, it was discovered due to fossil impressions of velociraptor skin that they were feathered, implying that Grant was indeed right that they evolved into birds.  On a similar note Dr. Grant also said in 1993 that Jim would marry Pam.

The actor that plays the little boy at the dig site in the beginning of the movie (Whit Hertford) also had a role in the churchgoing childhood staple, McGee and Me!

In the scene when the T-Rex first breaks out you will notice that there are walls on each side of the cars.  Later on one of the cars is pushed off of a cliff that was not previously there.  John Hammond engineered the island with the ability to shape-shift.

Every Chuck Norris Fact is applicable to Dr. Alan Grant.

I mean people on the internet don’t make pictures like this for just anyone.

Let me know if there is anything else that you would like to know about the movie and feel free to share your knowledge below.  Also, if you are concerned about what you think is a “goof” or “mistake” in the movie, I will be happy to tell you why you are wrong.

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