A Name Worth Remembering: John Williams

Never throughout history has a man who lived a life of ease left a name worth remembering.

-Theodore Roosevelt-

In honor of Jurassic Park Week here at TTAF, this week’s Name Worth Remembering is dedicated to John Williams. “John Williams? Who is that?” you ask. If you don’t know the name John Williams, you should, because you most certainly know his work.

Have you ever watched Star Wars? (I haven’t, but it seems to have been a pretty popular movie.) Jaws? E.T.? Indiana Jones? NBC Nightly news? Sunday Night Football? Harry Potter? Schindler’s List? . . . Jurassic Park? If so, you’ve heard some of the greatest movie scores of all time. Musical compositions that often have come to absolutely define the movies they score. How can you think of Jaws without that two-note motif? Or sharks for that matter? Star Wars without the Imperial March or “Luke’s Theme”?

Thank you John Williams.

Seriously, if you need to be convinced of Williams greatness just take one glance at his Wikipedia page. He was the Principal Conductor of the Boston Pops Orchestra for 15 years. He holds the record for the most Oscar nominations ever for a living person (second all time, behind one Walt Disney). He’s won five. Along with four Golden Globes, seven BAFTAs, and 21 Grammy Awards. Yes, 21 Grammy Awards. On top of that, Williams has received a Kennedy Center Honor, a Classic Brit Award, the National Medal of Arts, and has been accorded the Olympic Order.

Most of us, of course, know John Williams because of his long association with Steven Spielberg and George Lucas. Williams’s is a name worth remembering at the very least because his original compositions and his collaborations with these producers has for a generation brought symphonic music into the mainstream. As congress put it when granting him the National Medal of Arts, “as a pre-eminent composer and conductor [William’s] scores have defined and inspired modern movie-going for decades.”

Thank you John Williams.

Check out the complete list of Williams’s works here.

Check out the complete list of Williams’s awards here.

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