Friday at Five: June 29, 2012

This map + Fourth of July + less-than-safety-conscious people of the Southeast = Natural Selection’s Field Day

What to Do:

We here at TTAF often use this space to advocate for outdoor activities, but considering this, we’re going to give you a pass. Chances are, if you attempt to hike, jog, camp, play golf, or even walk to your mailbox this weekend, you will burst into flame. In lieu of the great outdoors, here are a few less combustible options.

Read a Book: I know that, coming from me, this might not bear a lot of weight, because about 70% of what I say to people involves urging them to read more. However, a brutal heatwave is the perfect built-in excuse to dive into that book that you’ve been using as a coaster on your nightstand for the last couple of months. I’ll be finishing up 1Q84 (strange, but excellent) and moving on to either The Sisters Brothers (love a good western) or Waiting for the Barbarians (love J.M. Coetzee).

Have a Game Night: Have some friends over, eat a good meal, turn on some music, and then spend a few hours slowly trying to unravel said friendship. Cranium, Settlers of Catan, the absurd but hilarious Quelf!, or an old staple like Monopoly: the options are nearly limitless, and it’ll buy you a few hours where you don’t have to think about the oppressive heat and humidity.

Stand on Your Porch Smoking and Flicking Cigarette Butts onto the Dry Grass: Just kidding.

What to Watch:

Obviously, this is just a suggestion, but do yourself a favor and DON’T watch the Weather Channel all weekend. It’ll only depress you, and it’s an enormous waste of time. It’s going to be miserably hot. There. I just saved you a lot of nail-chewing

The NBA Finals are over, so if you’re a sports fan, your attention should turn to the EURO 2012 Final on Sunday (2:30 on ESPN). Italy (who outclassed what looked to be an unstoppable German juggernaut in the semis) and Spain (who are playing for an unprecedented third consecutive major trophy [EURO 2008; World Cup 2010]) meet up in Kiev in a game we all hope outshines the thudding display put on in the World Cup Final in 2010. This is the biggest international soccer match for the next two years; don’t miss it.

As the entire world gears up for The Dark Knight Rises, the summer movie train slows down a bit, making this a good time to catch up. If you haven’t seen Prometheus (which I’ve seen and really enjoyed, although audiences seem to be pretty well divided), Pixar’s Brave, or Magic Mike The Avengers yet, go ahead and play catch up before the summer’s appetizer and main course.

What to Drink:

Lots and lots of water. After that though, check out this list of Five Refreshing Beers for Warm Weather, and, as always, Slainte Mhath.

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