Friday At Five: July 20th, 2012

Of all the things going on around the country this weekend the most important, loosely using the word “important” here, is that The Dark Knight Rises comes to theaters.  You may have heard of the movie from Josh’s post this morning.  Or you may have heard of it because it is one of the most hyped movies in recent memory.  Either way, go see the movie.  If I were a betting man I would say that you will hear our opinions of the movie at some point. Update:  We, the four administrators of TTAF, went out at midnight and saw the movie.  It is most definitely worth paying the money, or having a friend pay for you because you can’t find your wallet, to see this weekend.

Also of note is the fact that recent storms have put a temporary end to the drought here in our section of the country (Kentucky) which means that waters are rising in local creeks.  When waters rise in local creeks, I go kayaking.  As always I recommend that you do something outside this weekend.  Maybe go see a baseball game.  If you do not hear from me next week it is because I died in the creek while kayaking in a boat unsuitable for fast moving water.  In case I do die, I wish I would have had an obituary as cool as this guy who wrote his own.  Make sure you check out that link and read the full obituary, it will be the best thing you read all weekend, well at least the best thing you read all weekend from the Huffington Post.

Speaking of the outdoors, you may want to consider reading this book this weekend.  I have had it on my shelf for a while but I still haven’t gotten around to reading it.  I have included a quote from the introduction.

One evening when my boys were younger, Matthew, then ten, looked at me from across a restaurant table and said quite seriously, “Dad, how come it was more fun when you were a kid?”

I asked what he meant.

“Well, you’re always talking about your woods and tree houses, and how you used to ride that horse down near the swamp.”

At first, I thought he was irritated with me. I had, in fact, been telling him what it was like to use string and pieces of liver to catch crawdads in a creek, something I’d be hard-pressed to find a child doing these days. Like many parents, I do tend to romanticize my own childhood—and, I fear, too readily discount my children’s experiences of play and adventure. But my son was serious; he felt he had missed out on something important.

He was right. Americans around my age, baby boomers or older, enjoyed a kind of free, natural play that seems, in the era of kid pagers, instant messaging, and Nintendo, like a quaint artifact.

Within the space of a few decades, the way children understand and experience nature has changed radically. The polarity of the relationship has reversed. Today, kids are aware of the global threats to the environment—but their physical contact, their intimacy with nature, is fading. That’s exactly the opposite of how it was when I was a child.

Today I will be taking my wife to a doctor’s visit to get the three millionth ultrasound so far.  It is cool to have lots of pictures of our unborn daughter but I do wish they weren’t neccesary.  After the appointment I will be headed to register for baby stuff, pushing my bedridden wife in a wheelchair through a store called “Buy Buy Baby” which is probably the most frustratingly consumeristic store name ever.  I will be looking out for revelations of wisdom similar to the one Kevin had in lamaze class.

As much fun as it is to shop at a store called “Buy Buy Baby” you may want to check out something a little more manly.  We here at TTAF can help with that.  Huckberry is having a huge sale as they are moving offices and looking to get rid of some stock.  You should most definitely check out the store and pick up something sweet like this

I should also take this time to mention that, while we like to try to connect you with cool products geared towards guys, (we will introduce a new store partner next week) we by no means believe that having a certain product makes you more or less of a man.  There is nothing wrong with owning a watch, but there is something wrong when you feel like the watch, car, house, etc. defines you.  While you are viewing the store over at Huckberry make sure you also read their blog and have a look at their summer reading list.

Finally, in true Friday at Five fashion, I leave you with a beverage recipe.  Ale 8 and Bourbon is a favorite drink of ours here at TTAF and along with the Old Fashioned is a regular at our thursday night meetings.  Ale 8 is a local soft drink here in Kentucky and unfortunately most of the country does not have access to it in stores.  You can however buy it online so you may want to consider doing so with the following recipe in mind.  It is pretty complicated so to try to keep up.  Also, we like to give credit when credit is due and would like to thank Mac Baxter for recommending this drink.

-Open your Ale 8 (it has to be a glass bottle).

-Take a large swig of said Ale 8.

-Fill the remaining void with your favorite bourbon.

-Place the cap back on the bottle and mix (turn upside down several times, please don’t shake it).

-Drink responsibly

Thanks for reading, don’t forget to check back often, and as always

Slainte Mhath

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