“A Wedding” – A Short Film by Jonny Walls

Administrators’ Note: One of TTAF’s goals has always been to present content in a variety of different ways. We talk a big game on Thursday nights at our weekly TTAF bull sessions, but we’ve not done as much with audio, video, and photos as we would like. Consider this a step towards expansion. It’s worth noting that TTAF had nothing to do with the production of the short film you are about to watch. That statement is not meant to distance us from its content, but to make sure that our readers know to give all credit to the filmmaker, actors, and crew who worked on it. I asked the writer and director to offer a few words about the short to give readers a sense of what was behind the story idea and what to expect from the viewing experience. As always, thanks for reading. If you enjoy the film, please let us (and the filmmaker) know in the comments section.

From Jonny:

The inspiration for this particular film came when watching (500) Days of Summer for the second time. The wedding scene in that film always resonated with me because it bore (and bears) a striking resemblance to one of my own real life experiences, namely, the night that inspired this short film. What I present to you now is an ultra-condensed re-imagining of that night, pieced together with the unreliable, fragmented imagery that memory provides.

Some have asked me what happens before and after the events depicted in the film. These are natural questions because we are used to the three act structure of stories: Introductions, Action, Resolution. I personally think that the short film “medium” is far more suited to the “slice of life” genre, or, if you want, the “only act two” genre. Acts one and three are merely hinted at. They are for you to fill in.

Thanks for taking a few minutes to check out my film.



Jonny Walls is a fellow Kentuckian, now residing in sunny Los Angeles, CA, with his wife Emily. In addition to his work as a filmmaker (he’s come a long way from shooting in my living room), Jonny is part of the team at Cineline, a film production company, and has published a book, which he edited, called The Legend of Zelda and Theology. Mostly, though, he’s a long-suffering Notre Dame football fan and a born night owl. Jonny also possesses an interesting gift known as synesthesia, which, in his case, means that he immediately and consistently associates words with tastes (totally not kidding). Jonny has influenced countless filmmakers, from Martin Scorcese and Paul Thomas Anderson, to Alfred Hitchcock and D.W. Griffith. (Griffith wasn’t going to release Birth of a Nation until Jonny convinced him otherwise. True story.)

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