Friday At Five

Gentlemen, we are on the precipice of the greatest time of the year in sport.  Baseball is nearing the playoffs, the Little League World Series is in full swing, the English Premier League is in week number two, and college football starts a week from yesterday.  Enjoy the coming months.  As a disclaimer I feel that I should warn you not to forget about your wife, children, girlfriend, hygiene etc. over the next few weeks.

But what else is going on this weekend you ask?  Plenty.

First and foremost, episode two of the new season of Gold Rush comes on tonight on the Discovery Channel.  If you want to watch a man with impossibly high hopes be a constant disappointment to himself and others, I recommend the show.

If you live in our area you should check out the Chevy Chase Street Fair tomorrow from 2 PM to 11pm.  The 800 block of Euclid Avenue will be closed off to traffic.  I am a big fan of anything involving stalls where food and wares can be bought on the street so I would imagine that this fair will be right up my alley.  Unfortunately I will not be able to make it, so if you go bring me back something French.

If you are in the New York area this weekend maybe go check out the Afro-Punk Festival in Brooklyn.  The lineup looks pretty solid and if Erykah Badu sings Call Tyrone then it will be worth the price of admission.  Well actually the festival is free but Call Tyrone is a fantastic song.  Somewhere Drew is packing up the kids and driving to Brooklyn on the chance she might sing it.

If you are in the Chicago area then you may know that you are in the midst of 175 Days To Love Chicago there are events going on everyday at varying locations so make sure to have a look at the link and see what is happening this weekend in one of my favorite cities.  Maybe one day I will tell you the story about the lady on the train from Chicago to Barrington and how much she loves Billy Idol.  But that’s for another day.

If you happen to stumble across the city of St. Louis this weekend you should first spit on Cardinal’s stadium and then check out The Festival of Nations described as A multiethnic celebration featuring traditional dance, music, ethnic food, cultural and educational exhibits, folk art demonstrations, and an international market.

If you are on the west coast and not surfing, hiking, or doing something else outdoors for the weekend #1 you are dumb #2 you should check out the Found Footage Festival.  It is a comedy event on La Cienega Blvd, there is a Ryan Adams song in there somewhere. Oh and it is tonight so get going. From the website:

Now you know where every bad video you’ve ever watched or made winds up: at the Found Footage Festival. Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher (whose work credits include The Onion, The Colbert Report and Late Show With David Letterman) started the touring comedy show in 2004, showcasing their treasure trove of VHS oddities — mostly exercise tapes and home movies — culled from garage sales, thrift stores and Dumpsters. Tonight, the two screen their latest cream of the crap, including classroom films from the 1960s and ’70s and a vintage video on how to care for a ferret, accompanied by their usual snarky commentary; plus, opening performances by comedian-blogger Jacy Catlin and Kenny Strasser, “the Fake Yo Yo Pro.”

If none of these events sound like fun then you could always come over and help me move into an apartment in the bustling metropolis of Wilmore, Kentucky.  My wife is a bum and cannot pick up any boxes, something about having a baby soon, so I could use the help.  If you know of any other events that you would like to share feel free to leave us a comment below.

In the spirit of moving let me leave you with a drink recipe for the weekend.  Moving can be pretty brutal and at the end of the day there is a perfect drink for sore muscles and moving dressers one inch to the left and then one inch to the right repeatedly until it is situated in the absolute center of the wall.

-get a glass

-pour in your favorite Bourbon (I like Woodford Reserve)


Slainte Mhath

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