Your Favorite Posts In August


#1 Why Gun Rights Are Common Sense

#2 Five Overrated Movies of The 2000s

#3 Sunday Night Speech: “This is Water,” by David Foster Wallace

#4 Words I Wish I Could Use in Casual Conversation

#5 Sunday Night Speech: Elie Wiesel “The Perils of Indifference”

#6 Outdoor Blogs, Biolite Stoves, and Hiking Shoes

#7 Willow, TMNT, Bill Nye, & Dino Riders: Awesome Things From My Childhood

#8 Manhood Is Not UFC, Hunting, Beer, Sports, and Beards

#9 12 Books (And An Author) That Every Man Must Read

#10 Life Lessons From Arrested Development

#11 Saturday Morning News: August 11th, 2012

#12 Arms

#13 9 Books You Should Have Read as a Child

#14 Why The Band Would Beat Your Band In Kickball

#15 Saturday Morning News August 18th 2012

#16 How to Read a “Classic”

#17 Chasing Our Tails

#18 How to Shop at Sam’s Club: A Choose Your Own Adventure Story

#19 Floating

#20 After ‘Curiosity’: 5 People We Need to Send to Mars


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