Friday At Five September 7th 2012: A Weekend Project

I am up way past when I normally am and I have to work tomorrow (I am writing this on thursday).  By the time you actually read this post I will be in The Red River Gorge making my way to a campsite.  I have not packed yet, I cannot find the parking permit I bought for the park, and my Jeep broke down today, again.  It has been a pretty crappy day, yet I trudge forward with this post which statistically is the least read post every week.  Woe is me.

Anyways, to change things up a bit I am giving you a weekend project.  My wife and I recently moved to a small apartment.  Because our apartment is small we needed to conserve space as much as possible.  My wife and I love to read and so we have hundreds upon hundreds of books.  Lots of book + little space = problem.

That is until my wife found a DIY coffee table on Pinterest.  You may be familiar with Pinterest because of this post from Josh, or maybe because it is one of the most popular sites in the world right now.  Then again you might not know about Pinterest, and if that is the case you should still read this post from Josh and consider it your introduction.

I will not go through the process step by step because you can find all of that information here.  The original post is from a blog called Vintage Chic, and the table I made differed slightly from hers, though the idea is essentially exactly the same.  All of this to say that the credit for the table is solely Vintage Chic’s I just made a coffee table from her blog because it looked cool.

Here is the short of it and some pictures:

#1 I bought some crates from Michael’s.  It seems that the crates have to be from Michael’s, I looked a few other places and they are not the same size in other stores.  They only cost like seven bucks with a coupon.

This is my very pregnant wife sanding the crates, she is supposed to be on bed rest, don’t tell her doctor.

#2 I built a frame with the measurements of the perimeter of the crates.  I didn’t take too many pictures while doing this but you will be able to see how the crates go together in the finished product.

The frame. The crates will sit on top of this and I put casters on the bottom so the table could roll.

#3 I stained everything the color I wanted.  Then I nailed the crates together and attached them to the frame.

#4 I covered everything in multiple layers of polyurethane.

#5 I attached antique looking casters to the bottom of the frame.

#6 I added a small piece of plywood to fit in the the square hole that is left between the crates.  It is recessed a bit, the original design showed it filled with wine corks, we filled ours with rocks from the beach where my wife grew up.

Plenty of room for books underneath, and ample space to set all of your stuff on top. Notice the casters. Also, I used old, black brads to nail everything together, it made it look a bit more rustic.

The overhead shot. I probably could have cleaned off the table but then you might have forgotten that Kentucky won the National Championship this year. Notice the recessed shelf in the middle of the table. It would make for a good candy dish as well.

I was worried about the table rolling too easily but when I loaded it down with some books it became much more solid.  I fit several boxes of books in the four crates, one on each side.  I was pretty excited that I actually did this and I have already begun planning my next project which I plan on sharing when it is complete.  Again, I realize I didn’t add much detail, but you can find the step by step process on Vintage Chic, it just didn’t seem necessary to rewrite something that has already been done so well.

So go make a coffee table.  If I get eaten by a bear camping this weekend you can have mine so you may want to wait until monday before you buy supplies.

Have a great weekend.

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One Comment on “Friday At Five September 7th 2012: A Weekend Project”

  1. September 7, 2012 at 11:31 pm #

    That turned out so cute!

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