Saturday Morning News September 22nd 2012

Protesters overtake Islamist group’s HQ in Libya

Parties Debate Meaning, Value Of ‘Redistribution’

Chicago’s Mayor Asks Court To Order Teachers Back To School

iPhone 5: Apple fans, the wait is over

Human traffickers ‘are cruel people’

Neil Young Comes Clean

Wide Gap Remains Between NFL And Refs; League Insists On Respect For Subs

‘Fast and Furious’ probe calls for no criminal sanctions

Obama administration goes after China on trade

Numbers Favor Republicans But Path To Senate Majority Iffy

‘Housing recovery is for real’: Sales at highest level since 2010

Ohio woman unknowingly married father

Cinemetrics: The Trouble With Clint Eastwood

Why Some Musicians Last

Cosby Show’: Where are they now?

At the National Conventions, the Words They Used

Man falls into Bronx Zoo tiger pit

Opinion: Occupy made 99% a force

Last Night Ryan Howard Killed a Baseball

UK soldier gives birth on Afghan frontline

Obama Has 8-Point Lead Nationally In Pew Poll

Teachers’ Expectations Can Influence Student Performance

Fresh protests erupt over film

Antietam: A Savage Day In American History

Romney paid 14% effective tax rate in 2011

Chicago teachers’ strike ends with no clear winner

Romney Says Remarks on Voters Help Clarify Position

Bo Xilai police chief trial ‘starts’

Ancient reference to ‘Jesus wife’

The End Of WASP Dominated Politics

Heavy fighting in Damascus suburb

U.S. Kids Eat Nearly As Much Salt As Adults, Putting Health At Risk

Meet ‘The Most Interesting Man In The World’

Do Scores Go Up When Teachers Return Bonuses?

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