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So we here at TTAF polled the nation and found the burning questions that the public most wanted to be answered.  You can find those questions and answers below.  Feel free to answer them yourself and keep score at home, or pose other questions as well.  Have a look, and as always, thanks for reading.

Harry Potter or Lord of The Rings?

Curtis: Harry Potter. Though I have to go off of the movies, I have only read The Lord of The Rings books.  I have yet to pick up the Harry Potter books, but I imagine I will do so at some point.  I am thinking about waiting so that I read them for the first time when I read them to my daughter.

Matt: The opposite of Drew, below, I’ve never read the Lord of the Rings books, nor have I ever seen the movies. I have, though, waited in line at midnight for the Harry Potter book releases and lived in Edinburgh, where the books were both started and finished. Harry Potter.

Drew: Considering I’ve never seen the Harry Potter movies or read the books, I’ll have to go with Lord of The Rings. My goal is to read all 19 Harry Potter books by the time I retire.

Josh: Breaking my heart right off the bat. At one time, it would’ve been LoTR, but I re-read the trilogy recently and the prose didn’t hold up as well as I imagined. It’s Potter now, though. And if you’re making this decision based on the movies, I’ll pray for you.

Dust Jacket or No Dust Jacket?

Curtis: I hate dust jackets more than I hate Duke basketball.  I throw them all away.

Matt: Dust jacket while on the shelf, but no dust jacket while actually reading.

Drew: What’s not to love? It’s shiny, sleek, and can double as a book mark in times of need.

Josh: No dust jacket. In fact, no hardbacks at all if I can help it.

Star Wars or Indiana Jones?

Curtis: Indiana Jones, I don’t care what Josh says, The Last Crusade is not only the best in the series, it is one of my top five movies.

Matt: Never seen Star Wars (yes, I’m aware, I’ve never seen LOTR or Star Wars). Indiana Jones by default.

Drew: Docta Jones. I’m pretending that last one was never released.

Josh: I have a feeling I’ll be alone in this, but Star Wars, and it isn’t close. In truth, I think Raiders is the only Indiana Jones movie worth watching.

Beer or Wine?

Curtis: Beer.  I don’t mind wine, it just seems a bit exhausting and less accessible.

Matt: Whisky.

Drew: Beer. I feel under-dressed when I drink wine.

Josh: Beer, mainly because I haven’t had the chance to develop any sense of what I actually like from one wine to another.

Jeans or Shorts?

Curtis: Jeans, I could sleep in them.

Matt: Jeans. Nothing more diverse than a nice pair.

Drew: Jean shorts.

Josh: Jeans, on the logic that a good pair of jeans will always be more of a find than even the best pair of shorts.

Shoes or Sandals?

Curtis: Sandals, it is a sad day when I am forced to put my Chacos away for the winter.

Matt: Shoes. Or the North Face Hedgefrog hybrid shoe/sandal.

Drew: Shoes. No laces.

Josh: This is close, but sandals by a nose. My feet get overheated too easily.

Fishing or Golf?

Curtis: Fishing, I hate golf like I hate dust jackets.  If I want to be frustrated to the point of profanity I can just turn on MTV.

Matt: Golf absolutely any day of the week.

Drew: It’s tough to beat a Saturday sitting by a lake in a pool of sweat and frustration, swatting mosquitoes and touching worms – but I’ll take golf.

Josh: Golf. If I’m going to sit still outdoors for a long period of time, I want a book in my hand, not a fishing pole. Golf every time.

T-Shirt or Tie?

Curtis: I really don’t like dressing up, even a collared shirt is annoying so the answer is T-Shirt.  Though I do have to admit that part of me wishes it was still normal to dress like men in the 30’s and 40’s.

Matt: Tie. Standard Four In Hand for a narrow collar, Half Windsor for a wider collar. Never a Full Windsor for me; just too big.

Drew: T-Shirt, preferably from Target.

Josh: T-shirt in general, but I’ll admit that wearing grown up clothes is not without merit.

Obama or Romney?

Curtis: Obama, I have my  reasons.

Matt: Amer’ca

Drew: McCain.

Josh: Obama. There isn’t room here to fully support the choice, so I won’t try. (The reason I even say that is because I’m always interested in why people support a given candidate, even if I agree with them, so I kind of assume others expect my political opinions to be supported, not because I think supporting President Obama warrants any particular defense.)

Beach or Mountains?

Curtis: If we could somehow manage to eliminate the sand and go directly from mountains to the ocean I would be happy.  I love the ocean, and the beach is OK.  I am gonna call this a tie between the ocean and the mountains and just leave out the beach.

Matt: Mountains. We take a beach vacation almost every year, and dealing with the sand, especially now with two kids, drives me mad.

Drew: I’d have to go with the beach. I could throw frisby on a beach until my arm came out of the socket. Plus, there aren’t as many bears.

Josh: If I’m in a cabin, mountains. If not, beach. Either only in small doses (3-5 days at most).

College or Pro (Sports)?

Curtis: Baseball is my favorite sport.  I follow college basketball more than any other sport, and college football is probably second.  I probably follow MLB and Soccer more than any other pro sports.  Overall I would say college sports.

Matt: College. College football and basketball are hands down better than NFL and NBA. I enjoy going to a baseball game, but just can’t keep interest in the MLB season.

Drew: College basketball season is tough to beat. I’m beginning to enjoy the NBA  a little more now that every team includes a former UK player.

Josh: College Basketball is my favorite sport, but I like MLB, the English Premier League, and the NBA better than any other college sport (since I’ve stopped watching football), so, and this sounds weird, I’ll say pro.

Kindle/Ipad/Nook or Paperback?

Curtis: Paperback.  We have an Ipad and it is cool but I like to mark up a book with my own specific notations, and I like to be able to throw a book in my backpack, luggage, Jeep, etc. and not have to worry if it will be stolen or broken.

Matt: Hardback.

Drew: I enjoy the Kindle. It’s light, sort of knows what I’m thinking, and keeps my grandparents thinking that I’m some sort of technology super hero.

Josh: Paperback. Not saying I’ll never own a kindle or iPad, but for long works, a book in hand is the only way I can even imagine reading.

Batman or Spiderman?

Curtis: Batman because the last three Batman movies are the only superhero movies I have ever seen.

Matt: Batman. In my opinion, after the Dark Knight trilogy, Batman is hard to beat.

Drew: Really? I’m in all this trouble and you sent Toby McGuire to save me? Batman.

Josh: Batman. Although Spider-Man would probably be my second favorite superhero, the men behind both masks are way more interesting than your typical alter ego.

Skittles or M&Ms?

Curtis: Skittle.  I am not a huge chocolate guy, give me Runts, Sour Patch Kids, Skittles, etc.

Matt: Skittles, no contest. I agree with Curtis on this one . . . Runts, Sweet Tarts, Starburst, Sour Patch, and don’t forget Bottle Caps.

Drew: Skittles. They make me feel like I’m on vacation.

Josh: Skittles. I’ve got to be in the mood for chocolate candy, but I’ll take a Skittle any time.

Soccer or Hockey?

Curtis: Soccer, it isn’t even close.  Plus my team just won the Champions League.

Matt: Soccer without question. Not going to say I follow it as closely as Josh or Curtis, but I love keeping up with the clubs I supported in Scotland.

Drew: Soccer. Men weren’t made to punch each other in ice skates.

Josh: Soccer. Hockey is great live, but I live in Kentucky, so… Go Liverpool! (Author’s note: since I wrote this, God has visited about half a dozen Exodus-level plagues on LFC. I’m beginning to wonder if it’s something I’ve done.)

30 Rock, Community, or Parks and Recreation?

Curtis: Parks and Recreation is number one, 30 Rock is a close second, and Community is third, though I never watch any of them live, my wife and I buy the dvds and watch an episode before we go to bed.

Matt: Parks and Rec, along with Modern Family, not listed. I stand by the assertion that Ron Swanson is one of the better characters on TV right now.

Drew: 30 Rock. But I must admit that when I’m watching TV, it’s usually sports, Pawn Stars, or something my wife has recorded on the DVR, like the Kardashians.

Josh: Parks and Recreation has vaulted to the top of the comedy world for me in the past two years. Community has its moments, but their ambition doesn’t always pay off.

Baseball, Basketball or Football?

Curtis:  Baseball will always be my favorite sport but as I grow older I have come to appreciate basketball more, mainly because you cannot play a pickup game of baseball as easily as you can basketball.

Matt: I follow Kentucky basketball religiously, so most of my energy is put into basketball. On the other hand, college football is much more enjoyable if I have no vested interest in either team.

Drew: Basketball. I grew up playing it and still injure myself in various rec leagues.

Josh: Basketball. In part because I can still play it routinely, but mostly because of UK.

Fiction or Non-Fiction?

Curtis: Non-Fiction, though my interest in fiction has been growing stronger these days.

          Matt: Non-Fiction. I have an insatiable curiosity. I’ll read a book about almost anything.

          Drew: I like stories, real or made-up, doesn’t really matter.

Josh: Fiction. I don’t know that anything is better than a great novel.

Car or SUV/Truck?

Curtis: SUV, while the gas mileage on my Jeep sucks, I hate driving a car and being so low to the ground.

          Matt: SUV. Right now I drive a Mazda3 and I feel like I’m driving a Go Kart. With two kids in the back kicking my seat.

          Drew: I drive a car but would rather be driving a truck. Perhaps I should get a bumper sticker so everybody knows.

Josh: Car. My primary concern when looking at a vehicle is gas mileage. Also, having a truck is equivalent to drawing a big target on your back when its time for someone to move. No thanks.

Discovery or History?

Curtis: Gold Rush, Mythbusters, and any nature special means Discover > History.

          Matt: History. Pawn Stars and American Pickers.

Drew: Wow. This is literally the toughest decision I’ve ever had to make. History has “Pawn Stars” and “Swamp People”,  shows that  have redefined life as I know it, but I can’t cheat on “Gold Rush”, it doesn’t feel right.

Josh: I’m assuming this refers to cable channels and not the abstract concepts. In either case, History.

Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, or 4th of July?

Curtis: Halloween and Thanksgiving (which usually falls near my birthday) are both favorites but there are only so many ways an adult man can celebrate Halloween so I guess I will cave to society and pick Christmas.

Matt: Christmas, although Christmas is also one of the more stressful holidays for me. So much pressure. Halloween is a close second.

          Drew: Is this is a trick? I’ll stick with Jesus’ birth.

Josh: Christmas, Christmas, Christmas. My favorite part of which is spending the afternoon while everyone else is resting reading a new book.

iPhone or Droid?

Curtis:  I have a phone that flips open to reveal a full keyboard, you know like the ones that 10 year old girls use.

Matt: I’ve never attempted to use a Droid. Really, when I see someone with something other than an iPhone, it surprises me a little. I thought it’s just what came with the plan these days.

          Drew: I had the Droids a couple of years ago, it itches like crazy. iPhone please.

Josh: The iPhone is the only nice phone I’ve ever had (I always got the hand-me-down and let my wife have the nicer phone when we got an upgrade. I’m too used to it to give it up now, plus, I like Apple products because they, you know, work.

So there it is, a glimpse into the soul of the average TTAF writer, I can’t believe you actually read the whole thing.  As always, leave your comments below and our PR people will address your concerns.

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