Easy Board and Batten

I’d be lying if I tried to claim I was the most handy contributor to TTAF. In fact, I have to admit that, while one of the joys of home ownership is the satisfaction of fixing broken things around the house, one of the frustrations for me is the fact that I’m completely helpless half the time. My list of broken things is growing faster than my ability to figure out how to fix them. That said, if you’re looking for a relatively easy home project that can make a big impact with only a day’s work, here’s something we did when we were preparing for our son a year ago. Board and batten (sort of). Board and batten quickly adds a touch of sophistication to any room, and would look great in a library, if you’re so fortunate as to have one. At the same time, the only tools needed are a little paint, a little wood, a mitre saw, and a nail gun. And, while I’m aware this isn’t true board and batten (hence the ‘sort of’), as it doesn’t require boards, it does the trick. All in a day’s work.

Our spare room before turned into a nursery:

And then after (Just ignore the girly chair accents in both pictures. Not my doing.):

If you’d like to add this little bit of sophistication, here’s all you have to do:

1) Purchase lattice strips from your local hardware store (around $.66 a foot). For the ‘board’ or shelf part, pick up a door molding for around $2.00 a foot.
2) Cut the lattice strips to the desired height (we cut them about 4.5 feet long), and the molding to fit your specific wall measurements.
3) Tape off and paint the room in two colors (traditionally white on the bottom, although I don’t think that’s a rule). We painted the top color in a flatter finish than the bottom, which was semi-gloss.
4) Measured off and tape up your lattice strips. (We chose to space them around 12 inches apart, but altered some distances to avoid corners.)
5) After you tape off your strips, use a stud gun to attach them quickly to the wall. Then hang the molding over the strips.
6) Once everything is secured in place, you may want to caulk around the sides of all the molding and battens.
7) Finally, paint as many coats of the white wall paint as necessary.
Board and batten . . . sort of. It’s a great indoor fall project. Give it a shot. And here’s the finished product (my son’s nursery) once my wife got her design inspiration:

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