The Most Read Posts In September

September was the seventh month of TTAF.  In case you are new to the site and are unaware, we like to provide you with the most read posts from every month (regardless of the month the post was published). This is a great way to catch up on some posts that you may have missed, it is also a great way for us to decide who has to sit in the worst seat in the hot tub at Drew’s house on Thursday nights.  Anyways, have a look at the posts from September.  This month there are quite a few posts that were written from previous months that gained more views, mainly do to google searches.  TTAF is pretty much receiving all internet traffic from searching “Roberts Blossom,” “Dino Riders” “How to fix your daughter’s hair,” and all searches Jurassic Park related.  Thanks again for reading the site.  Always remember that we would love to hear your feedback, tell us what we are doing wrong and or right, add your comments, and feel free to submit posts and or topics for us to write about.

#1 Spotify, The Pirate Bay, and the Lie That They Don’t Matter

#2 A Dad’s Ranking of Pixar’s Movies

#3 Stop Watching Grey’s Anatomy, but Learn to Fix your Daughter’s Hair

#4 Willow, TMNT, Bill Nye, & Dino Riders: Awesome Things From My Childhood

#5 A Name Worth Remembering: Roberts Blossom

#6 It’s Not Really About the Shoes – on Trendiness and Our Pursuits

#7 Ron Swanson

#8 Life Lessons From Arrested Development

#9 How to Shop at Sam’s Club: A Choose Your Own Adventure Story

#10 Drive-Thru

#11 12 Books (And An Author) That Every Man Must Read

#12 Why The Band Would Beat Your Band In Kickball

#13 9 Books You Should Have Read as a Child

#14 A Terrified Man’s Guide To Theme Parks

#15 Sunday Night Speech: “This is Water,” by David Foster Wallace

#16 Coffee In a Percolator: Slow Down and Enjoy

#17 Let’s Learn From This: 10 Life Lessons From Jurassic Park

#18  Eleven (Really) Long Novels Worth Your While

#19 Shifts

#20 The iPhone case that makes you look smarter than you actually are

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