Saturday Morning News October 6th, 2012

Swing State Debate Watchers Give First Round To Romney, And Lehrer The Loss

Fact check: Will Big Bird get pink slip?

Romney Goes On Offense, Pays For It In First Wave Of Fact Checks

Obama accuses Romney of dishonesty

Chipper: Not way I thought career would end

Romney ‘wins’ US election debate

American Airlines Seats Become Loose in Flight

At UN, Syria Blames Foes for Conflict and Says Refugee Crisis Was Invented

Opinion: New danger in the sky

Antibiotic-Free Meat Push Targets Trader Joe’s

Candidates Tout Different Routes To ‘Energy Security’

Harrison twins make their college choice

A Dominant Romney; A Muted Obama

NL wild-card game halted as fans protest call

FBI: Friendly fire likely in border agent killing

The Envelope Please … With another season in the books, it’s time to hand out some MLB awards.

Cabrera wins 1st Triple Crown since ’67

Calif. first to ban gay teen ‘conversion’ therapy

Romney memo outlines ‘big choice’

The Peanut Butter Cure Moves From Hospital To Snack Room

10 monster traffic jams from around the world (TTAF hometown Lexington, KY even made the list)

The CD, At 30, Is Feeling Its Age

Supreme Court to mull big issues

Angry Voters May Want To Look In The Mirror

‘Saved by the Bell’: Where are they now?

Unforgettable Debate Moments

Disney develops 3D-printed toys

US agent shot dead near Mexico border

Cloud Computing Saves Health Care Industry Time And Money

Half of coral lost from Barrier Reef

In Memoir, Neil Young Wages ‘Heavy Peace’

Waylon Jennings: The ‘Last Recordings’ Of A Dreamer

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