Scoring The Debates

With the 2nd Presidential debate set to air tonight, I thought it appropriate to look back on the 1st Presidential debate and the Vice Presidential debate to decide who the victor truly was. Let’s take a look.

1st Presidential Debate

Who the experts picked:

Romney was convincing, Obama looked like he wanted to lie down and just rest his eyes for a few minutes. My guess is there wasn’t enough ice-water in Denver to hold the Romneys down at the after party.

Who really won:

With over 3 and 1/2 million views already, this video from Bad Lipreading was the clear winner.

Vice Presidential Debate

Who the experts picked:

The experts were divided on this one, with a small tip of the cap to Ryan, depending upon which channel you turned to. Personally, I was confused throughout and slightly amused at Biden’s antics. I was also hoping for this question at some point, Moderator: “Vice President Biden, we’ve just received DNA results that prove that Congressman Ryan is, in fact, your son. You have two minutes.” Hey, a man can dream.

Who really won:

The clear-cut winner here is Polident. I can think of no other reasonable explanation – each time Biden interrupted with his sarcastic smile, the Execs at Polident were filling his pockets. This is assuming, of course, that there are Execs at Polident.


Targets ONLY the gray. Thanks for the limited commercial interruptions.

Who’d you have?

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