Saturday Morning News October 20th, 2012

Former Sen. Arlen Specter dies at age 82

Top political memes of the 2012 race

Artist turns trash into Halloween wonder

The Third-Party Factor: Will 2012 Look Like 2000?

A Tax Plan That Economists Love (And Politicians Hate)

 Charles Blow: Blunders and Binders

Inequality and the world economyTrue Progressivism

Citi loses its boss: A big head scratch

Stein: Obama’s ‘whopping falsehood’

Obama, Romney trade one-liners

Time for a new approach on Cuba

Malala able to stand up, communicate

Sad South Africa Cry, the beloved country

6 takeaways from the debate

PHOTOS: Musicians with politicians

Presidential debate a hit on social media

 The Scariest Little Corner of the World

Sunset for the Golden Generation

Cardboard Bicycle Could ‘Change The World,’ Inventor Says

Skydiver begins bid for record free fall

 Obama’s New Stump Speech Boils Down to One Word: Vote

Daily chart: Why debates matter

On Court Order, Boy Scouts’ ‘Perversion Files’ Go Public

Is the era of cheap food at an end?

The Not-So-Great Communicator: Is Obama Overrated As A Speaker?

Body in concrete ID’d as reporter

With A Phone Call, Truckers Can Fight Sex Trafficking

Error sees Google stock suspended

Candidates’ Views On Poverty Get Little Attention

Wiping Out Polio: How The U.S. Snuffed Out A Killer

A Startling Gap Between Us And Them In ‘Plutocrats’

 At Least 40 Die as Planes Bomb a Syrian Town Held by Rebels

Israeli Politicians Look To U.S. For Campaign Funds

Study: Secret Donors Significantly Fueling Pro-Romney TV Ads

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