Places To See Before I Die

Josh’s sports bucket list inspired me to create a bucket list of my own.  However, instead of a sports list I decided that I would come up with a list of places that I would like to travel to before I shuffle off this mortal coil.  I went with physical locations as opposed to events, so Cristo Redentor not Carnival in Rio.  Have a look at the list below and as always, feel free to share your additions to the list in the comment section.

Cristo Redentor

You may know it as the freaking huge statue of Jesus that overlooks the city of Rio de Janeiro.  It has always been an amazing site to me, although I read it is only the fifth largest statue of Jesus.  When I think of awesome statues, I think of this.  Plus Rio seems like a fun place.  It I could schedule the visit to the statue during the World Cup I could knock two items off my all around bucket list.


I have a slight obsession with all things Cuba.  It might be simply because it has always been a bit of a forbidden fruit. I once seriously contemplated hopping a ride on a Haitian fishing vessel that travelled between the two countries, but my better half reigned me back into a state of more rational thought. I was born after the Cold War but even so I was raised thinking Cuba was the bad guy.  Despite the appeal of the unknown, it seems like an interesting place to visit, smoke cigars, and argue baseball on the street corners.  I would visit all things Hemingway and Guevara.  For as long as I can remember I have had a fascination with revolutions and how they begin, and so I would love to walk the streets and learn the history, the good and the bad, sipping a Cuba Libre as I go.

The Congo

If I could go with the manager of the hotel from Home Alone 2 and a gorilla that knew sign language it would awesome.  If I just got to go and see real gorillas in the wild in the middle of the African rainforest, I guess that would be acceptable.  I could also do without psychotic guard monkeys that smash in your skull with rocks.

The Great Rift Valley

I will go to Africa before I die.  I have a strong belief that if I were to live in a place like Africa that I would die a gruesome death at the hand of some wild animal.  As a kid I studied animals for fun, wrote fan mail to Jack Hanna, and wanted to work at a zoo.  If I were to live in Africa I would walk up to a lion thinking that the facts I know would somehow protect me and I would end up like 90 percent of the cast in The Ghost and The Darkness.  Also contributing to my desire to visit the Great Rift Valley is The Land Before Time.

Amazon River Cruise

The movie Anaconda in no way influenced this decision.  In case you haven’t figure it out yet, I am a bit of an outdoors junky, and this trip might be my holy grail of adventures.  I want to kayak the Amazon more than anything.  Traveling down the river on a boat like the one above would be like living the plot of a Graham Greene novel.  I would sleep in a hammock, eat exotic fruit, wear that pair of white linen pants that I have hanging in my closet, and most likely stain that pair of linen pants with the juice of an exotic fruit.  If I saw Jon Voigt on the way that would just be icing on the cake.

Machu Picchu

I feel like this picture pretty much explains why I want to visit Machu Picchu.


Like Cuba, everything about Nepal seems interesting.  The religiosity of the area, the hiking, the obvious natural landmarks, and sherpas.  Throw in that Nepal is the only country with a non-quadrilateral flag in the world, and it seems like a cool place.

Honorable Mention

The Great Barrier Reef- I would quote Point Break a ton.

The Forbidden City

Rome- Ancient footprints are everywhere.

Alaska- I want to travel to the Klondike, and then 600 miles south to visit Parker Schnabel.

South Africa- To see the great white sharks jump out of the water.

Crete- Where my family is from.  I have always imagined meeting my family in Crete/Greece and saying that I am Paulie’s grandson.  When I tell them this they don’t believe me, but then I lift up my shirt to reveal to them an amount of chest hair that could only have it’s roots in the Mediterranean.  At that point they embrace me as one of their own, pull up a chair to the table, and hand me a drink.

Drive across country in a VW Bus- It doesn’t really fit the criteria of the list, but it would be awesome.

The Only Place Checked off My List So Far

Sans Souci Palace and Citadelle Laferriere in Milot Haiti.  The largest fortress in the Western Hemisphere, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the most amazing place I have ever been… so far.

Hope you enjoyed the list.  We would love for you to share your thoughts as well.  Happy travels.

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One Comment on “Places To See Before I Die”

  1. October 30, 2012 at 2:24 pm #

    I have a great desire to see Machu Picchu, as well, but I doubt that’s going to happen. You never know, though. We’re going to Cancun right after Christmas this year, so I will get to see some Mayan ruins, which has been on my “bucket list” for a long time. My wife and I also want to go to Hawaii someday. I pretty much like any place that’s close to the ocean.

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