Saturday Morning News November 3rd, 2012

Impersonating The President: From Will Rogers To Obama’s ‘Anger Translator’

Sandy crashes ashore

We’re Dads, and We’re Good At It

Behind A Mask, Even ‘Good’ Kids Can Turn Into Candy Thieves

In Sandy’s Wake, Romney Struggles To Regain Attention

‘I’m independent, not undecided’

N.J. beach before and after Sandy

All smiles now at Foxconn plant?

Marathon Backlash Makes for Easy Outrage

N.J. beach before and after Sandy

Chris Christie: Apolitical and Loving It

Storm Underscores Debate Over Government’s Role

10 great quotes about voting

Israeli politics: Eyes on America

Sandy leaves Northeast reeling

Photos: Faces behind famous voices

The hurricane stealing the candidates’ thunder

Disney buys firm behind Star Wars

The Force Is Strong With This One: Disney Buys Lucasfilm For $4B

Sandy’s Economic Impact Likely To Be Immense

The hidden costs of a hurricane

Daily chart: The story of the race

Eight-state push in final five days

China’s New Leaders Inherit Country At A Crossroads

Pumps And Polls: Why Americans Wait In Lines

A Giant Coronation

Coal or cars?

What Romney’s Run Means For Mormonism

Chrysler CEO pushes back on Mitt

The global Mexican

‘Man in Moon’ created by asteroid the size of Austria

Penguin, Random House Announce Merger

Why are these salmon crossing the road?

For Complainers, A Stint In China’s ‘Black Jails’

Christie heaps praise on Obama

Why I Love the New Gmail Design

China’s ruling families: Riches exposed

Vigilantes Spray-Paint Sexual Harassers In Cairo

At New York University Medical Center, A Dramatic, Critical Evacuation 

Iran navy vessels ‘dock in Sudan’

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