The Winter of Our Discontent: How To Survive The Next Three Months

As Drew mentioned last week, Winter is upon us. This means that the next three months or so, depending upon where you live, could be pretty brutal. So here are some thoughts and tips as to how to make it until Spring again when people will overact to the first day of 45 degree temperatures and don their favorite plaid shorts and flip flops from Old Navy.

College Basketball– College basketball season is probably my favorite season of all sports to watch. It also happens to be played in the dead of Winter. If you are anything like us here at TTAF you schedule your life around your favorite team’s games. If it wasn’t for college basketball season there would be no getting through Winter.

Enjoy a Beverage– Cider, hot chocolate, coffee, bourbon, a hot toddy, and tea are all excellent choices for a cold Winter’s night.

Movies- Winter is the time of the year in which Hollywood showers us with more movies than El Guapo has sweaters, which is to say a plethora. Have a look at Josh’s post for some of the more promising upcoming films. Christmas is also a time to watch some of the classics, such as Citizen Kane Home Alone 1 and 2, Christmas Vacation, Elf, and a Christmas Story.

Read a Book- There is not a better time to pick up a book than when the weather outside is frightful. An aforementioned drink, a fire, and a good book can keep you occupied for any number of long Winter nights. What should you read? Start here, and then have a look at this.

Read TTAF- Is this a shameless plug? Yes, yes it is. We will be going on hiatus for the remainder of the year starting Thanksgiving day. We are doing so in order to spend more time watching Kentucky basketball with our families, enjoying the holidays, relaxing, and working on new posts for the coming year. We will however republish one of the most popular posts from the blog every day during this time as well. Some of the posts you may recognize, others you may have never seen so make sure to check the site daily to see what you may have missed in the infancy of TTAF.

Gold Rush- I am not suggesting that you sell everything you have in order to start a mining operation. What I am suggesting is that every Friday night at nine eastern on The Discovery Channel, you can spend an hour of your dreary Winter watching the show Gold Rush. It will provide at least one hour of entertainment in an otherwise entertainmentless time period. If you are feeling really saucy have a sip of your favorite beverage mentioned above every time a piece of machinery breaks down on the show (please watch responsibly and understand that this is a joke, any attempt to do this will lead to most certain death due to caffeine, sugar, alcohol, or antioxidant poisoning, depending on your choice of beverage).

Volunteer- Help out at your local community center, church, school, or anything else. Spend time with folks who have nowhere to go for the holidays. Think about others as much as you can during the holiday season, and think about yourself as little as you can.

Sledding- If you go an entire Winter without sledding please leave and never read this site again as we cannot relate to you now or ever (just kidding, please keep reading, our collective self esteem is based solely on the site views stats). Seriously though, sledding is fun for all ages, and never underestimate how awesome a good hike in the snow is as well. Buy a sled now and keep it in your trunk unless you want to pay forty-five dollars for a piece of plastic later on when school is cancelled for every kid in your town. If you do decide to go sledding, try not to make the same mistakes as these guys, it’s like my friend’s mom says “make wise choices.”



Spend Time With Family and Friends- Christmas parties, bonfires, sledding, etc. etc. Take advantage of having your friends an family in the same place and spend some quality time with them. Slow down and enjoy catching up with those you have not seen in a long time and also with those you see every day but are often too busy to talk to. We like to get together a bunch of guys for basketball games over the holiday season. It is a good time to have fun, get some exercise, and catch up with old friends. It is also a great reminder that we are no longer young men and that if we play basketball once a year we will be extremely sore afterwards. Playing basketball is also my yearly reminder that Drew’s uncle is twice my age, better than me at basketball, could whoop me in a fight, and is more of a man than I will ever be.

Write a Guest Post for TTAF- We want to collect as many guest posts as possible for the coming year. Do you have something that you would like to write about? Have at it and send it to us at our email address We would love to have a ton of guest posts from a variety of different guys and women (gasp) with equally various interests and thoughts. If you get a chance sit down and write a post, or shoot us an email if you have any questions.

Resist Consumerism- There is nothing more embarrassing, well there are few things more embarrassing, for our country than when people are killed in mobs at stores the day after Thanksgiving. Have we really come to this as a society that we are willing to die and possibly kill for fifty bucks off a GPS? There are so many different comments that could be made on what has happened in the past few years on black Friday that it could take up an entire post. But this post is already late so let me just say that stuff is not important. Yes materialism is a struggle for us all, myself included, but try to keep things in perspective this holiday season. Don’t be an idiot.

Have a great holiday season folks. Make sure to check back here daily to see a recap of the most read posts of the year.

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