#19 14 Websites You Should Be Aware Of

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-Matt, Drew, Josh, and Curtis-

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When I was in middle school one of my homework assignments for a computer class was to find a product or advertisement that had a website listed on it.  After quite the search I found a coke can that had the company website printed near the nutritional information.  I brought it to class, shared it with my fellow students and got my participation grade.  Things have changed a bit since then and there are literally millions of sites out there that can take up your time, here are a few that I think you should be visiting often.  I spend too much time on the internet and if you are like me you should read this post from Josh Corman.

Every Day Carry– The concept is pretty simple really, people send in pictures of the items they carry with them every day.  It sounds weird but is actually pretty interesting; it’s a great site if you are considering buying a wallet, pocketknife, flashlight or lighter.

Huckberry– Think Groupon, but for things that are much more awesome, camping gear, clothes, wallets, leather bags and a lot more.  They also have a pretty sweet blog.

Kentucky Sports Radio– Because all of you should be fans of Kentucky basketball.

The Thing About Flying– Shameless self-promotion

Verbal Infusion– A site put together by some friends, including TTAF writer Josh Corman.  It is full of some pretty entertaining stories and articles, really well written.

The Man’s Cave– Quite possibly the coolest DIY site that has ever been invented, including how to make a rocket launcher and a mini desk canon.

The Art of Manliness– “Reviving the lost art of manliness.”  This is one of my favorite blogs, a must read for any man of any age.

A Good News Site– There are lots of great news sites out there.  Really the idea I am advocating is that you should be reading the news in general more so than any one particular site, I enjoy NPR, the BBC and the Economist among others.

The Sharpened Axe– Stories from untold America

1001 Rules For My Unborn Son– The title pretty much says it all, with the tag line “Let’s get some things straight before I get old and uncool.”  The site is full of short pieces of great advice and intriguing graphics.

Grantland– Part of the ESPN empire.  There are some great articles on this site but keep in mind they are not highlight clip style articles, they are usually pretty long reads.  My favorite article on this site so far has not been about sports but my favorite movie, Jurassic Park.

Family/Bike/Words– This is the blog of a friend here in Kentucky.  He chronicles his bike rides to work, kayaking trips, and camping expeditions, among other things.  His blog is just one example of what could be called an “adventure blog” and you should be reading at least one.

Gentlemint– Pinterest for guys.

Mental Floss– I love the quizzes and the random facts on this site.  The quizzes are by far the best part such as naming all of the presidents in eight minutes, the Saved By The Bell quiz, or the Simpsons Softball quiz among others.

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