A Few Of My Favorite Things


I always appreciate it when people share with me things that they are enjoying in their own lives. That thought is the inspiration for this post, and probably others to come. These are things that are blowing my mind at the moment, making me dance and sing in flowery fields. Tell me what you think about my list and make sure to leave your own list in the comments section below.

Itunes U


Itunes U tops my list of favorite things these days. It is essentially Itunes for education. You can download thousands of lectures, both audio and video, from all over the world. You can watch a lecture from the University of Chicago at breakfast, MIT at lunch, and Oxford over dinner, all from your computer ipad or iphone. I have even found a few courses that make worksheets, syllabi and tests available as a download through the app. Hop on your favorite device, grab some headphones and thank me later.

Field Notes


I received a three pack of field notes for Christmas. Like Josh I enjoy a good notebook. My small Moleskine is great but it can be a but bulky with the hardcover, and there is a significant amount of writing space lost on each page where the book is bound. Field Notes are super light, can be laid flat so that all parts of the page can be written on, and have a simplistic, vintage look. I am currently using all three, one for notes on the blog, one for notes on another project and the third for notes on books that I am reading. Eventually I am hoping to get this, in order to further organize my thoughts.


G2 Pens


I started attending a local community college this month to beef up my transcript in order to apply for grad school. Apparently, I had forgotten how much I love school. When I was in school the first time, I refused to write anything without using a G2 pen. They really are superior writing utensils. The key is to get a fine point version, preferably the .5, as the larger points, .7 and .10 tend to smear, at least with my handwriting. Since last attending college however, there has been a breakthrough in G2 pen techonology with the introduction of the super fine .38 tip. My mind has been blown and my life changed. I bought a pack and writing with one is the greatest thing to happen to me since my daughter was  born. I will let you decide if that is more of a commentary on the pen or my life.

The Last Waltz


My love for The Band is well documented on this site. I received the four disc collectors edition of the concert for Christmas. I have listened to it all the way through at least four times since, including one time at 3 a.m. while covered in hydrailuc oil working underneath a metal stamping press at Toyota. I cannot overstate the greatness of this concert. I have found myself in a Wikipedia wormhole at multiple points as I continually click links to artists, albums, facts and other bits of information. I have included a few videos from the concert below.

Seeds of Fiction

British author Graham Greene stands with journalist Bernard Diederich in Panama

Seeds of Fiction is a biography of Graham Greene’s travels in Latin America and the Caribbean as told by his close friend and professional journalist Bernard Diederich. Graham Greene is to books for me what The Band is to music, I cannot get enough of it. This biography is enlightening in so many ways. Diederich took note of the slightest movement, thought and restraint by Greene and ultimately shows the reader why Graham wrote as he did. I just finished up the section of the book in which Diederich takes Greene along the border of Papa Doc controlled Haiti, the foundation of the novel The Comedians. This has been an amazing view into the life of one of my favorite writers and I am anxious to finish it.


Simply put, the most addicting app I have played. Go download it now and start a game with me. My handle is curtisrogers.

Africa On Discovery

Thinking About Next Season of Kentucky Basketball

I think that this year’s team is still a good team, they are extremely talented. It is obvious however that they are not gelling like coach Cal wants them to. Also, I would imagine that it will be virtually impossible for this team to live up to expectations sandwiched between last year’s team…


and next year’s team…


Since this picture was taken UK also added Dakari Johnson, the #1 center in the class.

So when I am having a crappy day, I think about some of my favorite things, and then I don’t feel so bad. I also think about the fact that the Nazis aren’t hunting me, which is always a plus as well. And for the record, yes, I just made a Sound of Music reference. I am not proud of it.

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  1. January 25, 2013 at 6:13 pm #

    Downloading Ruzzle right now.

  2. January 25, 2013 at 6:16 pm #

    I have challenged you. Code name “bickleyhouse.”


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