Saturday Morning News: March 9th, 2013

Pro Wrestling’s Paul Bearer Dies At Age 58

Live Now: Josh Ritter Performs His New Album

From ‘Oz,’ A Less Than Magical Prequel

Fifth-grader is starter on high school team

How Military Posters Have Changed Since the Civil War

Senate Confirms John Brennan As Next CIA Chief

The art of Dave Matthews 

Rare look at Nasa’s moon mining lab Watch02:35

Bin Laden’s ‘mouthpiece’ captured

Chavez under glass — forever

       Thousands march with Chavez coffin

Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez dies aged 58

 Juan De Marcos And The Afro-Cuban All Stars: Dig That ‘Dundunbanza’

U.S. drone strike? One word answer

Colorado Boy Falls Out of 3 Story Window, Lands on Feet

Syria rebels detain UN Golan team

Download 100 Songs By SXSW Artists Worth Discovering

America’s Most Depressing States

‘Forgotten’ inmate gets $15.5 million

10 bold predictions for 2013 MLB season

Old Triumph Over Young In Federal Spending, And Sequester Makes It Worse

Scientists Are The New Kings (Or At Least Secretaries) At Energy Department

Steve Boggan, British Writer, Follows $10 Bill Across America

Syria fight spills into Iraq; dozens killed

TSA allowing knives back on planes

The not-so-slight return of Jimi Hendrix

US seeks ‘toughest’ N Korea sanctions Watch01:41

Counting starts in Kenyan election

Pope election to begin on Tuesday

Malaysia troops launch Borneo attack

Does Crime Drop When Immigrants Move In?

Venezuela’s Chavez: An Outsized Personality, A Domineering Figure

Football boss

The Dow Isn’t Really At A Record High (And It Wouldn’t Matter If It Were)

Geek Love

N. Korean prison swallowing village?

Infections With ‘Nightmare Bacteria’ Rise In U.S. Hospitals

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