The Authors

  Josh   Corman is a high school English teacher in Kentucky where he make students stand on their desks and recite Walt Whitman.  When his students stand on their desks he is still taller than they are.  Josh spends most of his free time reading and scheming of ways to make your teenage student miserable. His interests include but are not limited to: obscure fiction, Red Sox baseball, counseling genius janitors, and finding ways to become R.J. Corman’s legitimate heir  You can check out some of his other writing at and you can follow him on twitter at @joshacorman

  Curtis Rogers is a man with an impressive beard. He’s also a man who spent 4 years of his life in Haiti. So for those keeping track, for 4 years there was at least one man in Haiti with an impressive beard. He’s outdoorsy, smells pretty good, drives a sweet jeep, and can out-kayak most men in his age bracket. His interests include but are not limited to:  cigars, going to zoos/aquariums/staring at animals in cages, certain types of alcohol, Mexican sweaters, Jurassic Park, cruising the Caribbean, carrying ladders for electricians, and Reese’s Mcflurry’s when they are in season. His wife is currently carrying his bearded child, who is to be named Robert The Bruce. And don’t try to compete with him in Jeopardy, he will literally steal your soul. Follow him on twitter @curtisrogers

   Matt Burlew is a Scottish immigrant who thankfully does not wear a kilt. He’s not really from Scotland, but he did go to school there, in what I imagine to be a castle. He has two kids, a wife, and knows more about liquor than any man ever has. His interests include but are not limited to: knowing how to order drinks at restaurants, tying the perfect tie, reading all kinds of books, watching Anthony Davis dunk on fools, wood-burning fireplaces, playing golf, reciting interesting facts out loud, and not bringing his own shorts to get in the hot tub and being forced to wear Indiana shorts. He also used to work at an airport, where he came up with the idea of charging people for checked baggage. Follow him on twitter @mburlew
  Drew Breaux (pronounced BREEE – OX) watches too much television. He’s a loving husband and father of twins, just like Uncle Jesse, only he doesn’t have a leather jacket band. As impressive as Curtis’ beard is, Drew’s is equally unimpressive. His interests include and are limited to: House Hunters International marathons, Jurassic Park, playing golf, hurting himself while playing basketball, Honey Nut Cheerios, various hair-care products, hiding his receding hairline, tank tops, and handing Matt Indiana shorts when he forgets to bring his own shorts for the hot tub. At one time in his life, he made fake legs for people without legs, but that didn’t work out. Honestly, we’re not real sure what he does now. Follow him on twitter @drewbreaux


Feel free to contact us at any time by filling out the form below.  Thanks for reading!

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