The Thing About Flying?

Flying fascinates me. Now, to be clear, I can’t fly. I’ve never taken formal flight lessons and I’ve never been able to think enough ‘happy thoughts’ to take off myself. But still, I’m fascinated with flying. And while the free wi-fi, salted pretzels, and orange juice with ice is appealing, that’s not the part of flying I’m concerned with. What I’m interested in is the science behind it. How does a jet that weighs a million pounds (literally) even get off the ground? And not only that, but how does it stay in the air?

So I’ve been studying a little bit about flying. I’m no physicist, but I do have access to Google, which is essentially the same thing. So here’s what happens. By gathering enough speed, a jet uses the wind to create lift under its wings. And when the pressure of lift under its wings exceeds its own weight, the jet can take off and fly. Also, you must keep your left arm straight. The catalyst to this whole process is movement. A jet that stands still can never take off. Only by pushing against the wind can an airplane fly. Ultimately, what it pushes against lifts it up.

I think the same is true for us. What I mean is, I think we can learn a lot from flying.

Sometimes the wind seems like the enemy. And the wind can represent anything in our lives; fear, worry, anger, circumstances, all of the stuff that pushes against us. Sometimes the wind blows really hard, and all of our problems overwhelm us, they cripple us. So we resign to live life on the runway, where we can dodge the wind. But a jet that can’t move can never take off.

But what if there was a different way to live? What if we could actually fly? What I know about flying I’m learning to be true about our lives. What we push against is what ultimately lifts us up. It’s easy to sit on the runway, afraid of the wind, crippled by all the stuff that weighs us down. It’s easy to begin to believe that even if we could move, we’re just too heavy to fly now. We’ve got too much baggage, too many mistakes that can’t be corrected. So we sit and watch the other planes, curious about the science of flying.

I think God created us to fly. I believe His plan for us involves things like movement, and lift. And the cool thing about God is, He wants to help us off the ground, if we’ll let Him. He can move us from the runway to the sky. Each day He offers an invitation. It’s a simple invitation, an invitation of movement. Maybe each day it’s just a step. And then eventually a step turns into a jog, a jog into a run, until we’re sprinting directly into the wind we were once so afraid of. And as all the stuff we’ve been pushing against begins to lift us up, we realize we weren’t too heavy, that all of that baggage has been unloaded.

The thing about flying is, it’s pretty simple. All it takes is a little movement, just a step in the right direction. He didn’t create us to dodge the wind on the runway, He created us to push against it and fly.


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One Comment on “The Thing About Flying?”

  1. July 27, 2012 at 11:50 am #

    this boy is ’bout az dumb az uh bag uh hammerz

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